“A bag to help organize the busy traveller, that opens 180 degrees like a book, giving easy access to all the travel essentials.”

The goal of this project was to choose an area in someone’s life that is prone to clutter and design a product to resolve it. As a frequent traveler I had a very comprehensive idea of how rushed and disorganized you can feel in an airport. With this in mind I created a bag that streamlines an individuals airport experience.


Travel Bag Clutter Buster



Main Focus

Ideation, Sewing, Use Cycle

Preliminary Research

The first step to this project was to brainstorm and address some of the challenges travellers face when they are in the airport.


Prototyping and Construction

I developed prototypes from cardboard, fabric and duct tape to further explore and interact with my concepts. When I chose the final product I created made sewing patterns for the final piece out of newsprint. I then cut the different elements and sewed everything together.


Final Model