“Headphones designed with the brand language of iconic watch brand, Swatch.”

For this project we were put into groups and given a brand to create a pair of headphones for as if the brand was releasing them. The brand we were given was Swatch. We had to model the headphones using car model maker’s clay and create a branding and concept board.


Swatch Inspired Headphones



Main Focus

Branding, Clay Model, Group Project


We started this project by researching Swatch and finding the key elements to their brand identity, their history and common trends within their designs. The collected data was put on a board to be referenced throughout the project.

Concepts and Construction

We created a large collection of sketches to generate ideas and then narrowed it down to what we felt was important. The key things we wanted to include were the iconic swatch 3-prong link, making the headphones as thin as possible and side piece that had a metaphor to a watch face, without being too literal. Additionally, this project allowed me to learn how to use car model’s clay. We used styrene under the headpiece to keep its shape and different tools to make everything smooth.

Final Model

We decided to go with a thin band with an interchangeable silicon strip in the head piece and side pieces that hint at a watch face. Additionally the side piece rotates to adjust the volume and the on/off button to look similar to side buttons on a watch.