“An air freshener made to fit with the look and feel of luxury car brand, Lamborghini”

The concept behind this project was to choose a company or category of car (luxury, mid-class, etc.) and create a car air freshener that fit with the company’s branding. We had to create boards of the environment our air freshener would be in, the competition and a mood board for our design. The final product was to consist of a model out of high density foam and some explanatory sketches.


Air Freshener for Lamborghini



Main Focus

Mood Board, Branding, Model Making, Solidworks


The company I chose was Lamborghini. I made environment, competition and mood boards to get a better idea of design features of this car, air fresheners already on the market and a general idea of the aesthetic and emotional feel of the product. Since luxury cars such as Lamborghini are so iconic and emotion evoking it was important to me that my air freshener fit with the Lamborghini brand.

Concepts and Prototypes

Final Model and Story Board

The design I landed upon consisted of a body made up of a hexagonal shape, following the trend of hexagons within the interior of the Lamborghini. I carved a model to scale out of high density foam. Additionally I created hand drawn explanatory sketches which I digitally added colour to using Photoshop.