Collection of Fine Art Pieces

2016 – Present

Key Focus
  • Fine Art
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
“Since a young age art has been a passion and creative outlet for me.”

Here is a collection of paintings, sculptures and other fine art creations from the last several years.


The piece  is called Blue Lady. I used the complementary colours of orange and blue to create a eye-poping and emotion provoking piece.

This work is called Fragile City. I wanted this piece to show the fragility of a city as it can be no more than dull, harsh buildings and streets without the people that live in it. The people bring their ideas, art, style and culture to a city and are vital to how the city looks, feels and operates.


Coffee Filter Dress

The assignment was to create clothing without the use of fabric. I wanted to show that sometimes it is better to keep it simple and that you can create something incredible from everyday items. Coffee filters are usually used once, made dirty and thrown away. I wanted to show that there can be beauty in everything even in a seemingly plain and insignificant item like coffee filters.  This piece is significant to me mainly because I made this dress entirely from scratch. I created this using only ribbon, coffee filters, Velcro, elastic and hot glue. I stared with the skirt by making strips of long ribbon that I attached to an elastic waist band and then glued the filters to the strips. For the top I started with a ribbon across my chest and pieces for the straps. I then covered those in filters and then glued filters to each other to add more 3D elements like the flower on the front and the straps. The main challenge with this piece is that I made it so that I can actually wear it so during the construction process there was a lot of trial and error as I didn’t know what would actually look nice when I put the dress on. I also love how this piece makes a lot of rustling when you walk around in it similarly to the pieces that inspired this project.

Falling Guggenheim

The assignment was to create sculptural works of art using a chair as the base and encompassing the style of a well-known artist. Most students chose painters however I chose to take inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright. The use of a curve backed chair allowed me to create a unique blending of the Guggenheim and Falling Water. The water fall was created by using wire, covering it in hot glue and painting it blue. The Guggenheim was created using layers of foam wrapped in construction paper. I found the rock slabs that had broken off steps in my backyard. I wrapped the chair legs in birch bark for a more natural look. This was one of my first big sculptural pieces so there was definitely a learning curve when creating the Guggenheim, as I originally just tried to use paper before realizing the foam layers would work much better.